Street Food in Danang: Ốc Cay Hanoi
  • The best place for eating snails in Da Nang!

    Ốc Cay Hanoi is known as one of the best places for eating snails, especially verry popular with the Danang local community.
    Ốc Cay Hanoi serves around 10 different kinds of snails prepared with a spicey mixture of herbs and vegetables.
    The absolute delicious prepared snails are a must-try-street-food in Danang. Average price for one plate of snails is around 75.000 VND. (or order a mixed plate with smaller portions of different types of snails)
    For Vietnamese standards the preparation is quite spicey, if you like it a little bit less we can recommend the "Oc Len Xao" prepared in Cocos milk.
    Enjoy some snails!