Le Rendez Vous
  • French and simply Delicious!

    Le Rendez Vous is the new place to check out in the centre of Danang city. It's French, it's good and reasonably priced!

    We enjoyed Rendez Vous for a couple times since the soft opening in May and the food is simply delicious. Great French dishes for a good price is something I have been waiting for in Danang.
    The entourage of Le Rendez Vous is comfortable and nicely done with a spacious air conditioned dining area downstairs and a non-smoking area upstairs.
    The menu offers a nice balance between different French dishes with a real recommendation for the Onglet de Boeuf with blue cheese sauce for 290.000 VND. The 'Onglet' is a typical French steak also know as Hanger Steak or Butcher's Steak and famous for it's flavor and texture.

    All dishes are served with different side dishes and homemade sauces, especially the ratatouille is quite a treat.
    The sauces are all made from fresh ingredients without use of any prefab sauce powders.

    Enjoy Le Rendez Vous... Bon Appetit!

Le Rendez Vous Menu