Làng Vân Beach
  • Unspoiled beaches near Danang
    Làng Vân Beach is one of those hidden gems near Da Nang city left to discover. When you find your way down after a tricky descent from the Hai Van Mountain you arrive at the second of 3 beaches forming a large bay with on the 3rd beach Làng Vân village. Especially the first 2 beaches are the ones you are looking for: Clean, unspoiled beaches with pristine waters. If you are up for a small adventure you can walk to the end of the last beach passing Làng Vân village to crossing one of the Hai Van mountain spurs through a small lush valley, where a path will bring you the a fourth beach on the other side of the Lang Van Bay.
    The fourth beach is a smaller and enclosed by rock formations on each end of the beach.
    Especially the small valley in between the beaches is quite attractive for some exotic birdwatching.

    How to get there

    Half way up the Hai Van Pass (Da Nang - Lang Co), where you hit the 85km roadmarker to Hue, you will find on your right hand side a small coffee place called Hoa Sua, where you can park your bike for a small fee.
    From here you walk 200 meters up the Hai Van Mountain till you see a path going down. Follow the path until a junction and keep left. Soon the path will become less accessible and more steep. After a 10 minutes descent you will see the railway, follow the railway for 200 meters to direction Lang Co and you find a very small concrete steps leading you back in to the Hai Van Jungle. Just follow the path and you will reach the second of 3 beaches.

    note:bring some suitable shoes!

    Enjoy your trip!