Hue Attractions
  • Hue Imperial City, the old citadel Hue

    Hue Imperial City The Imperial Citadel is surrounded by a wall of 2km by 2km with inside The Forbidden Purple city, the home of the last Nguyen dynasty.
    Nguyen Phuc Anh started building the Imperial city in 1804 and ruled until the mid 19th century. The Citadel heavily damaged during the Batlle of Hue in 1968 as part of the TET offensive by the Viet Cong soldiers.

  • tomb of minh mang hue city

    Tomb of Minh Mang (1820 - 1841) When you drive from Hue to Ban Viet and cross the Perfume River by boat you will reach the Tomb of Minh Manh, the 4th son of Gia Long, and second reigning Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. The Tomb is impressive in Architecture with some nice landscape around and your way to the tomb.

  • tu duc tomb hue city

    Tu Duc Tomb (1864 - 1867) 7 km South-West from Hue you can find the Tu Duc tomb. Tu Duc, son of Thieu Tri, was the fourth reigning Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. The tomb is nicely situated in it's beautiful natural surrounding and worth to take look.

  • thanh toan, japanese bridge hue city

    Thanh Toan Bridge At Thanh Toan village, 8 km to the East from Hue, you will find probably the most interesting bridge in Vietnamese history. The bridge is built by Tran Thi Dao, the wife of a high-ranking Mandarin, during the reign Emperor Le Hien Tong (1740-1786). Close to the bridge there is a small agriculture museum displaying some interesting old tools

  • huyen tran princess pagoda hue city

    Huyen Tran Princess Pagoda Located in An Tay Ward, about 7km southwest of Hue, near the foot of the Ngu Phong Mountain. It has many historical, cultural and artful works full of spiritual significance, of which the most noted are the temples dedicated to King Tran Nhan Tong (1258-1308), the patron saint of the Truc Lam Buddhist sect in Vietnam, and his daughter, Princess Huyen Tran (1287-1340).

Where to stay...
  • Pilgrimage Village Resort Hue Pilgrimage Village Resort

    Pilgrimage Village is located in the quiet countryside 10 minutes drive from Hue City. The quaint village surrounding creates peace and a authentic rural experience near Hue. The Resort is beautifully designed and perfect for a couple day getaway.

    $$$$ from 70,- USD/pn

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  • Anamandara Resort Hue Anamandara Resort

    The Anamandara resort is a 15 minutes drive from Hue City next to the beach. The Resort the best choice if you are looking for a 5 star stay on the beach. Staff is friendly, food and atmosphere great. Everything you would expect from a 5-star resort!

    $$$$ from 85,- USD/pn

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  • le domaine de Cocodo Hue Le Domaine de la Cocodo

    Le Domaine de la Cocodo is a beautiful apartment hotel with a great swimming pool and restaurant. The rooms are spacious (1 or 2 room apartments) and perfect for long stay. It offers a professional Gym and a private Spa. A guaranteed must to stay when visiting Hue City.

    $$$$ from 70,- USD/pn

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  • 5 star la residence hotel Hue City La Residence

    Probably the best hotel in Hue, with professional staff and a beautiful vietnamese/international kitchen. The Residence hotel Hue offers a great value for money with nice colonial styled rooms and a big swimming pool available.

    $$$$$ 120 USD/pn

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  • Eldora 4 star Hotel Hue Eldora Hotel

    This 4-star hotel is our opinion the best price/quality you can find in Hue. The Eldora Hotel offers rooms from 48 usd/pn (through Agoda) with nice room, great service and friendly staff. The Eldora hotel has also a skybar open until 10 PM.

    $$$ 48 USD/pn

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Where to Eat
  • Zucca Italian Restaurant Hue

    Zucca Italian Restaurant Zucca is the best place to grab a great pizza, probably the best you can find in Hue City. With the old chef of La Residence in the kitchen you get a good price quality deal at Zucca Restaurant Hue. Zucca offers as well free bruschetta's and beer after 6pm.

    See Website
  • Bao han restaurant hoi an, vietnam

    Phuong Nam Phuong Nam restaurant is absolute worth the visit when looking for good local food. The quality of the food is great, prices cheap and service friendly.

  • good morning italian restaurant in hoi an

    Golden Rice Restaurant A beautiful little restaurant with a nice atmosphere. Golden Rice serves delicious vietnamese food for decent prices with good options for Vegetarians as well. Staff is friendly, helpful and service quick.

    see google + page
  • little menu restaurant in hoian

    Restaurant Le Domaine de la Cocodo Le Domaine de la Cocodo offers, besides quality short or long stay serviced apartments for rent, a great French kitchen with beautiful French wine list. We joined the buffet with roasted pork which was the best I ever had. Looking forward to try more food from their menu.

    see website
  • French restaurant le jardin de la carambole

    Le Jardin de la Carambole Good restaurant with typical French food. Nice location and friendly staff. Personally I would not recommend the pizza but there is plenty other dishes to choose from.

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Bars in Hue
  • Brown Eyes Bar, nightlife in Hue Brown Eyes Bar Brown Eyes Bar is the most popular Bar in Hue City and open until late. The Bar is busy after 10:00 PM and has a good atmosphere with a nice mix between Hue Locals, Backpackers and Expats. There is a Pooltable (best in town) with a lively competition. See Map
  • Why not bar hue hostel and cafe Why Not Bar Why Not Bar is besides a good place to stay for backpackers, a nice place to have a drink with some cheap bar food. The Why Not Bar is good choice if you are looking for a backpackers place to have a drink, pool and relax. see website
  • hue beach bar and beach hostel hue Hue Beach Bar Hue Beach Bar is a great place to spend a day or afternoon at the Beach near Hue City, around 10-15 minutes drive from Hue. Entry is 100.000 vnd but that will be deducted from the drinks or food you order. Hue Beach Bar offers bunk beds, or a small beach cabin for rent, offers simple but tasty food. see website
  • century beer garden hue Century Beer Garden A popular beer garden attracting the more (young) wealthy Hue locals. With DJ Music, Beer Girls and typical Vietnamese "Nhau" food. The Century Beer Pub is just next to the river along Le Loi street. Nice to have a beer different than your standard backpackers bar. see website
  • Phuong Nam Club Hue CIty Phương Nam Club Huế Phương Nam Club Huế is one the better clubs around in Hue City. A typical Vietnamese club with quite unsophisticated house music.
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