Dong Dinh Museum
  • A private museum in the Jungle of Son Tra peninsula

    Dong Dinh Museum up at Son Tra or Monkey Mountain is a funny and intriguing place to visit. The private museum holds many artifacts from more than 2000 years ago up to more recently. The artifacts are collected by Mr. Giao, and displayed in different old rebuilt houses from different etnic groups living in Vietnam, like the Mong people. All artifacts represent a colorful mix of different cultures like the Dai Viet, Sa Huynh, Cham Kingdom and others.

    The Museum is built in the Son Tra Jungle close to the Linh Ung Pagoda (Lady Buddha) and is designed with a lush natural jungle-garden with small paths connecting the different exhibitions. The main attraction are the 2 traditionally built “nha ruong” from Quang Nam Province displaying the Old Chinese pottery from up to 2.500 years old.

    The Fishing House (The Memory of a Fishing Village) is another reason to come up to Dong Dinh Museum, this house is built from old fishing boats belonging to the Nam Tho fishing village, an old fishing village from the 15th century in Danang. Besides interesting artifacts representing the early fishing villages in and around danang, The fishing house showing some old photographs taken in the early 20th century of the Cham People.

    In other exhibitions rooms you can find many contemporary art produced by the local community of Danang.

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