Bún Xương
  • Best Bun Bo Hue in Da Nang! Bún Xương on the Trưng Nữ Vương street is famous for it's quality Bun Bo Hue style and every morning crowded with locals enjoying their breakfast.
    Bún Xương is a family restaurant serving the best Bun Bo Hue for more than 40 years in Danang. The owner, Mrs Dao has perfected through many years to prepare the perfect Bun bo Hue style in Danang.
    The Bun Bo served has stayed true to it's origin with a nice balance between herbs, noodles and beef cooked in a mild spicy broth.
    When you are looking for a delicious Bun Bo Hue styled in Da Nang you should try Bún Xương and enjoy your Vietnamese breakfast like true Danang local.

    Enjoy Bún Xương!