Pho Bac 63
  • Great Pho in Danang - You got to love it! Pho Bac is one of my favourite places to enjoy a good bowl of Pho.
    The place looks clean and serves nice variety of different Pho's:

    • Phở Tái: Pho with thin cut tender cooked beef
    • Phở Nạm: Pho with cooked beef, sliced more thick than Pho Tai
    • Phở Gầu: Pho with cooked beef sliced including beef fat, to give more taste to the Pho
    • Phở Bò Viên: with cooked beef and cooked meat balls made from beef

    Maybe the best thing about Pho Bac 63 is that they serve Pho from early morning till late in the evening (from 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM) while other Pho shops will be closed or sold out in the late morning.
    You can order a small bowl (pho nho, pronounced as: 'njuh') for 30.000 vnd or a big one (Pho Lo'n, pronounced: 'Lun') for 40.000 vnd, or order a Pho Special which includes more beef and a egg.

    The overall quality of the Pho is Excellent, Beef is great and Noodle soup quite tasty!

    Enjoy you're Pho!